Working dogs, They are our loyal companions, dedicated and steadfast in their pursuit of our shared passion for the outdoors, the trail, the hunt, the shadow of scent and the wide open fields. They are courageous and bold and their distinct spirit, matchless in their unswerving abandon, inspires and enlivens our own search….even if it is only to wander the paths and woods.

Photographer Nancy Whitehead of Sporting Dog Photography captures the spirit and light of the working dog in a way no other photographer has before.  She captures the life of sporting dogs with authenticity and reflection in a manner that is true to the spirit of the hunt. With these dogs, and their owners, she travels into the unknown terrain of the hunt-capturing the mystery of scent, endurance and temperament, the essence of spirit. Her images ring of the moment of truth, the substance of the character of sporting dogs within the landscapes and along the pathways they travel. Hers is a photographer’s journey with working dogs of all breeds, their trainers and owners, acting together in their single-minded pursuit of perfection. Her images are a living tribute to their heart.